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Blooming Lavender Goat Milk

Blooming Lavender Goat Milk

Blooming Lavender is another of our essential oil blends, where we enhance our French lavender with litsea and bergamot. Goat's Milk can help maintain PH balance plus it‘s known to cleanse and clear pores. And moisturizes too. We have added Spirulina for its anti-inflammatory properties. Spirulina adds the beautiful green colour to this bar.
Category: Soaps

100% Natural

For us, 100% natural ingredients make the best alternative bath and beauty products as we want to avoid potentially harmful chemicals that are often added into man made ingredients and mass produced consumer cosmetic products. We source sustainable and organically produced ingredients from Canadian suppliers, and buy local whenever possible.

100% Natural

We stand firm in the belief that natural ingredients are a key in producing toxin-free, high quality products.


We grow the plants ourselves and take good care of the soil, making sure it remains fertile and rich on nutrients.


All our products, with no exception, are hand-made locally, with genuine love and care for our customers.

Our Vision

Our Vision

We deliver only pure natural products that we ourselves use on a daily basis. For us, every customer is important, you deserve the very best: only 100% natural and healthy products at a reasonable price so that anyone could enjoy the benefits of nature.

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